Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mystery Review - Shiver

Hey y'all, 

Today I'm reviewing Shiver by Karen Robards. 

Summary from GoodReads: Samantha Jones is the best damn repo woman on the books. The streetwalkers, the drug pushers, the bands of looking-for-trouble punks haunting the mean streets at midnight don’t intimidate her. These are her people. The guy she finds bound and bloodied in the trunk of a flashy new BMW is a different breed entirely.

Daniel Panterro knows he hasn’t seen the last of the vicious drug runners who kidnapped him from protective custody and left him for dead. His only recourse is to take his pretty savior and her four-year-old son hostage and force her to help him. With ruthless killers stalking their trail, Sam must trust this handsome, menacing stranger. But as she relinquishes control, she feels an unmistakable desire. What is the price of falling in love with a man who operates on the edge of danger—her heart, her life . . . or both? 

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Review: I was having such a hard time finding a good cozy mystery series, that I started reading more suspenseful mysteries, and now I’m having the same problem with them! My problem with some law enforcement characters in books, is when authors employ the overused trope of “I can’t tell X that I’m under cover bc it will put X in danger.” and then X inevitably is put in danger anyway by them not knowing the full facts. SLOPPY. Verdict: Interesting premise hampered by a predictable plot, but some suspense fans might like it. 

Stars: 3/5. 

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