Thursday, May 21, 2015

YA Review - My Best Everything by Sarah Tomp

Today I'm reviewing My Best Everything by Sarah Tomp.

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Summary from Goodreads: You say it was all meant to be. You and me. The way we met. Our secrets in the woods. Even the way it all exploded. It was simply a matter of fate.

Maybe if you were here to tell me again, to explain it one more time, then maybe I wouldn’t feel so uncertain. But I’m going back to the beginning on my own. To see what happened and why.

Luisa “Lulu” Mendez has just finished her final year of high school in a small Virginia town, determined to move on and leave her job at the local junkyard behind. So when her father loses her college tuition money, Lulu needs a new ticket out.

Desperate for funds, she cooks up the (definitely illegal) plan to make and sell moonshine with her friends, Roni and Bucky. Quickly realizing they’re out of their depth, Lulu turns to Mason: a local boy who’s always seemed like a dead end. As Mason guides Lulu through the secret world of moonshine, it looks like her plan might actually work. But can she leave town before she loses everything – including her heart?

The summer walks the line between toxic and intoxicating. My Best Everything is Lulu’s letter to Mason – though is it an apology, a good-bye, or a love letter?

Review: I loved this book. A lot of books seem to neglect the setting, but not My Best Everything. The book nailed what it's like to be in a small southern town, complete with quirky characters and a plot that sucks you in from the get go. The style it was written in is not one that I always enjoy, but this was definitely one of them. This is a great novel for young adults in transitional phases of their lives and I would recommend it for ages 15+.

Stars: 5/5

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