Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Romance Review - Forever Christmas

Today I'm reviewing Forever Christmas by Robert Tate Miller.

Summary from Goodreads: One snowy Christmas Eve, Andrew s life is tragically turned upside down. Then a heavenly gift provides him the opportunity to make things right.

Andrew Farmer is on the fast-track in the literary world. As an up-and-coming agent, he is constantly on the road, wooing prospective clients and making a name for himself. But all of his travels leave his wife and childhood sweetheart, Beth, home alone, wondering what has happened totheir marriage.

Andrew returns from yet another last-minute trip, knowing he needs to make amends to Beth for his departure just days before Christmas, but he doesn t expect her frosty greeting and the argument that ensues. Would they have spent their last moments together arguing had they known that just before midnight on Christmas Eve, Beth would be hit by an out-of-control taxi that would ultimately take her life? Andrew would like to believe not, but it isn t until he meets a humble, straight-talking angel in disguise named Lionel that Andrew receives the opportunity to try again.

Lionel grants Andrew the gift of the last three days of Beth s life to relive, but there s a hitch: her fate cannot be changed. Only one gift will save her life, and Andrew has a mere seventy-two hours to figure out what that gift is or he ll lose Beth forever.

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Review: As with Christmas on Chestnut Street by Nancy Thayer, Forever Christmas by Robert Tate Miller is an excellent Christmas read. In the vein of It’s A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol, Forever Christmas is an inspiring and heartfelt story that serves to remind us that we should focus on the things that matter, like family and friends versus careers and material possessions. Highly recommend. 

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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