Monday, November 10, 2014

An Overdue Update reviews, I have them!

Then why am I not updating, you ask?

The short answer is that this has been the semester of ULTIMATE DOOM, and the long answer can be found here on my other blog, Library Nerd - which is just a re-purposing of the blog I ran for my knowledge management course last semester where I post about library school and other library related topics.

Anyway, I have read about sixteen book, and have about another fourteen or so on my immediate TBR list. I just have not had the time to write any of my reviews down. Hopefully I'll be able to sit down and work on it in a few weeks during the winter break. However, I'll admit that my first priority is enjoying the holiday season and spending time with friends and family so it may get put on the back burner.

(Side note: Sorry publishers who sent me ARCs via netgalley!)  

While I haven't written any reviews yet, I can in good conscience recommend some books for your holiday TBR pile or for gifts. Deadly Little Sins by Kara Taylor, is the final book in the Prep School Confidential trilogy and like the rest is great - I read it in one sitting. DLS is considered a YA mystery, so it is great for teens looking for a mystery series. Although I would also recommend it to adults who don't mind teens for main characters. Awesome series, rarely do all three books in a trilogy consistently offer entertaining characters and satisfying plots. Anne Dowling is one of the best new characters I've had the pleasure to read about in a long time.

If you love trivia and/or have someone on your shopping list who aspires to compete on Jeopardy, they will enjoy 1,3999 Quite Interesting Facts by John Lloyd, John Mitchinson, and James Harkin.

Finally, Joss Whedon by Amy Pascale was a fantastic biography. If you consider yourself a Whedonite then this is a must-read, or if you just enjoyed The Avengers and are curious for some insight into Whedon, you will Pascale's book very enlightening. For instance, did you know that young Whedon (padawhedon?) went to High School at an elite English boarding school? And that Whedon would go on to perform on stage in front of Queen Elizabeth II as part of the school's anniversary celebration? That's just a sample of the interesting facts you will learn in this book. Fascinating biography.

That's all for now, and if I don't post until after Christmas - Happy Holidays Everyone!

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