Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review - The Bride Wore Size 12 by Meg Cabot

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Today I'm reviewing The Bride Wore Size 12 by Meg Cabot.

Summary from GoodReads: Heather Wells is used to having her cake and eating it too, but this time her cake just might be cooked. Her wedding cake, that is.

With her upcoming nuptials to PI Cooper Cartwright only weeks away, Heather's already stressed. And when a pretty junior turns up dead, Heather's sure things can't get worse—until every student in the dorm where she works is a possible suspect, and Heather's long-lost mother shows up.

Heather has no time for a tearful mother and bride reunion. She has a wedding to pull off and a murder to solve. Instead of wedding bells, she might be hearing wedding bullets, but she's determined to bring the bad guys to justice if it's the last thing she does . . . and this time, it just might be.

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Review: Part of the reason I fell in love with the Heather Wells series is because I could relate to Heather so well. At the time I began reading the series I was a plus size resident assistant who also had a bitchy boss named Rachel. The similarities drew me in but the character development and plots have kept me hooked over the course of four other books (Size 12 Is Not Fat, Size 14 Is Not Fat Either, Big Boned, & Size 12 and Ready to Rock). Size 12 & Ready to Rock is probably my least favorite entry in the series because, unlike the other books, it seemed to drag a bit and I had a hard time relating to Jordan and Tania. So I was unsure going into The Bride Wore Size 12 how much I would like it, but I loved it! The Heather Wells series is one of the most fun series I've read in a while. And no, I don't mean that in the condescending way that some write about "chick lit" I simply mean it is a fun and relatively lighthearted mystery series. I'm not sure if Meg Cabot is planning on any more Heather Wells books, but I'm hoping for a spinoff with Sarah! If this is the final book in the series, then it is tied up very nicely for readers and it features all of the other characters we've come to know and love: Pete, Sofia Vergara Magda, Sarah, Cooper, & Gavin (I <3 Gavin!) as well as some new faces. We get to learn more about the new Hall Director of Death Dorm and meet some of Cooper's work buddies. Overall it's a great read and I would definitely recommend it if you've enjoyed the other books, if you haven't read those I would read the first four because you will enjoy it better that way. Also, if anyone doubts the veracity the life in "residence halls" is filled with crazy then I can personally vouch that even from my experience at a bible belt college the crazy dorm stuff in the Heather Wells series is not off base, there are just more unexpected fire alarms and partially clothed residents.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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