Friday, August 9, 2013

Review - The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer

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Today I'm reviewing a book from my local library, The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer.

On to the review!
Description from GoodReads:

Riley, a teen orphan boy living in Victorian London, has had the misfortune of being apprenticed to Albert Garrick, an illusionist who has fallen on difficult times and now uses his unique conjuring skills to gain access to victims' dwellings. On one such escapade, Garrick brings his reluctant apprentice along and urges him to commit his first killing. Riley is saved from having to commit the grisly act when the intended victim turns out to be a scientist from the future, part of the FBI's Witness Anonymous Relocation Program (WARP) Riley is unwittingly transported via wormhole to modern day London, followed closely by Garrick. 

In modern London, Riley is helped by Chevron Savano, a seventeen-year-old FBI agent sent to London as punishment after a disastrous undercover, anti-terrorist operation in Los Angeles. Together Riley and Chevie must evade Garrick, who has been fundamentally altered by his trip through the wormhole. Garrick is now not only evil, but he also possesses all of the scientist's knowledge. He is determined to track Riley down and use the timekey in Chevie's possession to make his way back to Victorian London where he can literally change the world.

Review: I've been a fan of Eoin Colfer's books for a while now, from The Supernaturalist to the Artemis Fowl series. Even though his protagonists are young in age they are always very well written and so funny that their age is only an afterthought. As with the Fowl series, you have a mismatched pairing of heroes. Riley leads a reluctantly criminal life and Chevie is trying to be change her own fate by making something of herself and becoming one of the youngest FBI agents ever. But this is where the comparisons to Artemis & Holly stop, because Colfer does a wonderful job with building this new world for his readers. I would highly recommend this to middle grade audience and up.

4/5 Stars

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