Monday, August 19, 2013

Review - The Phoenix Reich by Joshua Lisec

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Sorry for the late post, but I've been lured into the Breaking Bad cave. Seriously, I've watched the first three seasons in eight days. It's THAT good, y'all. Anyway, so today I'm reviewing The Phoenix Reich by Joshua Lisec. 

On to the review!
Summary from GoodReads: 

Find the killer, restore your father’s legacy, save the world…all before finals week.

Germany, 1945. Nazi leaders scramble to hide stolen wealth from Allied invaders. Among them are members of the German Christian Church, the spiritual arm of Hitler’s empire. When an American soldier stumbles upon the Church’s loot, he learns of the master plan to resurrect the Nazi regime—when the time is right.

But the solider dies in action just days before war’s end. The secret, lost.

Until now.

Virginia, Present Day. A Senator’s home has been consumed by inferno. The nation mourns the loss of a beloved statesman until painful questions are asked. Was it arson? Or the instrument of suicide?

The late Senator’s son Max Meyers refuses to believe the FBI’s ruling. Joined by his astute professor Charles Kensington and renegade law enforcer James Russell, Max forsakes posh campus life to learn the truth. A forgotten letter sent by Max’s great-grandfather from the carnage of World War II provides a clue, lighting a trail of decades-old conspiracy across Europe.

A lost faction of Nazi religious leaders has risen from the ashes of a failed Reich, prepared to revive a government of tyrants built to last a thousand years. To keep the promise of justice made to his late father, Max must prevent the conspirators from unleashing vengeance on an unsuspecting continent.

Is modern Europe’s fate sealed?

The first installment of the Max Meyers Adventure series, THE PHOENIX REICH is a fast-paced thriller set against the backdrop of World War II mysteries and the reality of modern-day Nazi conspiracies.


I received a free copy of the first three chapters from the author in exchange for an honest review. Obviously this isn't a complete review of The Phoenix Reich, but more of a general impression after reading the first three chapters. The story's plot is very intriguing and action packed, but what concerns me is the lack of character development. They could all stand to be fleshed out, but instead the main focus here seems to flit from one event to the next with the sole goal of finishing the book quickly. I hesitate to recommend this book for purchase, so instead I would suggest checking this book out through your local library. 

2/5 Stars

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