Monday, August 12, 2013

Review - Blackthorn Winter by Kathryn Reiss

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Today I'm reviewing a book from my local library, Blackthorn Winter by Kathryn Reiss.

On to the review!
Description from GoodReads:

The last place fifteen-year-old Juliana wants to be is halfway around the world in Blackthorn, England, an idyllic seaside artists' colony her mother has dragged her off to while her parents weather a trial separation. 

Juliana misses her father terribly and doesn't understand why her mother needs to travel so far to resurrect her artistic self, which she claims to have lost in the marriage.

Soon after they arrive in the tiny village of Blackthorn, the artists' colony is set on its heels by the murder of one of its own. 

Juliana feels compelled to solve the crime, but she is shocked and frightened when it seems that clues in the matter are hitting a little too close to home. 

Can she figure out who the murderer is before anyone else--herself included--gets hurt?

Review: For me Blackthorn Winter was a Nancy Drew meets The Killing, a.k.a. Nancy Drew in a dreary setting. I thought that Reiss did a terrific job handling Juliana's backstory and the villian was appropriately creepy, but for me this was hampered by the pace of the book moving a bit slowly. Overall though it was a good book that I'd recommend for middle grade audiences looking for an English mystery.

3/5 Stars

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