Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review - Voodoo For Two by Elle James

Hey Y'all,

Today I'm reviewing Voodoo For Two by Elle James which I received as an e-galley from Entangled Publishing.

On to the review! 

Sweet Cypress Knees! 

Voodoo for Two by Elle James is about Lucie LeBieu who, due to a little Voodoo magick, winds up torn about choosing between two guys - the town's golden boy or her cop ex-boyfriend. 

My problem with Voodoo for Two is not the overall premise - which has a good mystery and love story at its heart.   But that it is bogged down by the seemingly forced injection of cajun dialect. i don't know if the dialect was meant to reinforce the Cajun setting or what, but unfortunately for me it was a distraction. However, if you can get past the forced dialect the story does move at a brisk pace with plenty of romance to go around! 

2/5 Stars  

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