Friday, May 24, 2013

Review *Updated*- Prep School Confidential by Kara Taylor

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Today I'm reviewing a book received from Netgalley, Prep School Confidential by Kara Taylor. 

Prep School Confidential is the story of Anne Dowling a 16 year old prep school queen bee. Anne can talk her way out of anything. If that doesn't work, there's always petty breaking and entering picking the lock to the headmaster's office to remove anything too incriminating. None of which really matters once you burn down your prep school. Well, technically it was just the auditorium. In less than 48 hours, Anne is enrolled & sent to the prestigious Wheatley School, a Massachusetts boarding school for the children of powerful families. Anne could care less who her classmate's parents are, she just wants to put in her time and get back home to NYC for her senior year. But everyone at Wheatley has a secret worth killing for and when Anne's roommate Isabella winds up dead she finds herself at the middle of a murder investigation. But Anne is not about to sit around and be framed for murder. With help from Isabella's sexy twin brother Anthony and her cute classmate Brent, it is  going to take all of Anne's fast talking  an lock picking skills to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Onto the review!

I really enjoyed Prep School Confidential. For me, I'd describe it best as Gossip Girl meets Nancy Drew. Anne was a strong, confident, & darkly humored protagonist. From chapter one she had me laughing out loud which was a good thing because it helped to lighten the mood when the darker elements of the plot threatened to overwhelm. I also liked how the author set up the portrayal of the Wheatley School and the measured pace she took before revealing the mystery. I mean I read the back so I knew what was going to happen to Isabella from the summary but I wasn't just counting down the pages until the main character jumped into solve the mystery like I sometimes do. The book is definitely a page turner, it kept me up until I finished it last night. I really liked the ending and how it reached a satisfying conclusion but also leaves the door open to a second Anne Dowling book. I would highly recommend this book to adults or teens. 

5/5 Stars*

Edited To Add 7/28/13: After re-reading this recently, I upped it to a 5 star review. Prep School Confidential is hands down the best YA Mystery (non-paranormal) I've read this year. 

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