Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beach Reads, Pt. Three

Hey y'all, 

Today is the final in the Beach Read posts and features two of my favorite Suspense books. When you manage to find a good book in the overcrowded suspense genre, it is a very happy day indeed! The two books I selected are: 

All The Pretty Girls by JT Ellison 
Snapped by Laura Griffin 

On to the reviews!

Summary: All The Pretty Girls by JT Ellison is the first in the Lt. Taylor Jackson series.  When a brutal murder is committed in Nashville it brings Homicide Lt. Taylor Jackson and her boyfriend, FBI profiler John Baldwin together to try and stop the brutal killer that's stalking the Southeast.  

Review: I picked this book up in the local authors section of Barnes & Nobles a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was set in my hometown of Nashville. So I bought it and read it hoping to see some of the places I grew up in print and enjoy a decent mystery. In the end though, the story - not the location, was what led me to buy the next two books immediately after finishing the first book. The book has a very well thought out mystery that had me racing through to the surprising and satisfying conclusion.  Too often in a debut the main characters are fleshed out but the supporting characters are left one dimensional, not so in All The Pretty Girls. Highly recommend. 

4/5 Beach Balls

Summary: Snapped by Laura Griffin is the fourth in the Tracers series and opens at a local college as it comes under fire from a Sniper. Afterwards when the shooter is found dead, Sophie Barrett knows that she is lucky to be alive, however, even though the shooting is done, Sophie and homicide detective Jonah Macon both suspect that the killing spree is not necessarily over. 

Review: This book was the first I had read in the Tracers series, but I had no problem reading it as a stand alone. Snapped moves at a rapid fire pace that I enjoyed. the main character Sophie manages to be plucky and vulnerable throughout the book. Also I felt that the forensic science elements of the mystery were very well explained and added to the plot instead of overwhelming it like it sometimes does. After reading Snapped I have since gone back and bought the first three in the series as well as the next book, Twisted. Definitely would recommend. 

3/5 Beach Balls 

Check back tomorrow for my Review of the YA novel, Shadow Embraced by Cheree Smith! 

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