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Review: Game by Barry Lyga

Let me start by saying that it's been a week since I first read Game by Barry Lyga and my mind is still blown. Game is the second in the Jasper Dent series, preceded by I Hunt Killers, and Lyga has knocked this one out of the park!


There are significant spoilers for the ending of I Hunt Killers - but not Game - below!

Game - With the book jacket..

Game - Without the book jacket

My reaction to the ending of Game 
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In I Hunt Killers we were introduced to Jasper and his dear old dad Billy - the world's most infamous serial killer.  Game picks up a couple months after Billy's escape with Jasper being drawn to New York City by Detective Hughes to help the NYPD find the Hat-Dog killer. 

While I loved the first book, I was left feeling that Connie was a little one dimensional. In Game, however, both Connie & Howie are given a lot more development and are more integral for the overall plot advancement.  Of course, when you ask for character development sometimes it means those characters do truly stupid things so that they can evolve into better characters. I'd say more but I don't want to post any spoilers for Game just yet. 

As always, the true star of the book was Jasper and his quest to prove (mainly to himself) that he is not going to follow Billy's pathway to becoming the next great American Idol serial killer. While I thought that Jasper's inner struggles might get a little old in such a long book, they never did anything but add to the story and made me root for him even more in the end to overcome Billy's stigma. 

One of the things I really admire about this series is how the author never lets up or pull any punches just because the main characters are teenagers. It's serial killing, there is definitely not a bright side or easy solution to that and the author treats it as such. 

Game is a sequel that moves at break neck speeds with plenty of new situations and conspiracies for readers to sink their teeth into. For those who haven't read I Hunt Killers or Game yet, I would definitely recommend that you add them to your To Be Read list and cuss thank me later.  But be forewarned, the book ends with no less than 4 cliffhangers. Prepare to have you mind blown!

- Whitney 

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