Monday, April 29, 2013

An Awkword Introduction

Hey Y'all, 

My name is Whitney and I'm a book addict. 

Back in the 90s Stone Age, book lovers such as myself were a sad lot because connecting with people who loved the same books you did was nearly impossible.*  Seriously, imagine reading a great book and having no one to talk to about all of the WTFery!

But unluckily for you the whole wide internet is now my support group, because with sites like Twitter, GoodReads, & Blogs not only can you easily connect with other book fans, but authors and publishers as well. 

The three genres I read the most are YA, romance, & mysteries/suspense, but I'm always up for a good book despite the category. I plan to post my reviews of these books on here and GoodReads. 

My book review commandments: 
1. I'll always say how I got the book, whether from a publisher, bookstore, or a library 
2. I'll Always give my honest opinion of the book.  
3. I won't post spoilers without a spoiler alert. 

Other than that, I'll get my first review, which is Game by Barry Lyga up here sometime later today. I'll also try my best to keep the blog interesting and rolling by posting new reviews every week. I'm open to blog topics, so if you have an idea feel free to post it below in the comments section. You can also find me on Twitter and GoodReads where I'm always up for book talk and snark. I'm really looking forward to becoming a part of the book blogosphere and hope you enjoy my blog. 

- Whitney 

*Nearly impossible unless you joined a book club, which was totally full of your mom's friends - No Thanks! 

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